Green Environment

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Protect the Earth is the largest organization in the world for young people and social change. Join millions of young people that care by signing up for one of these environmental campaigns.

The need to protect the environment has never been greater. Global warming, record levels of pollution, widespread extinction, rapid deforestation and unremitting resource extraction have pushed planet earth to the very edge. But you can make a difference. Each one of these campaigns is a creative way to volunteer and help the environment, from tips on getting your community to go green, to ideas for earth day and ways to combat climate change. Environmental issues can seem complex, but taking action to protect the environment is simple: join and sign up to recycle trash, inform your peers about climate change, save endangered species, and teach your school to be eco friendly.

What are you waiting for, sing up for a campaign that matters to you. You'll join millions of young people volunteering to make a difference.