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     We have sophisticated biological equipments in our J.C. BOSE BIOLOGY LAB. Our school Biology lab area is 1265 sq.ft.We have specimens of plant parts and animal parts, slides of various microscopic organisms, Blood corpuscles, dissected plant parts, models of human body such as eye, ear, brain, endocrine system and human skeletal system etc.,By using these, the students will learn easily about the microscopical studies and internal organs of human body. We have reagents, which are used in qualitative analysis. We are having medical kits such as stethoscope, sphygmomanometer. Besides these, various flow charts are shown to students to explain and differentiate the anatomy of various plants.


     Our school Computer lab area is 1265 sq.ft. We have Twenty(20) systems and one(1) server in our school Billgates computer lab.Throughout the day,the network is available that the students can update everything easily.They feel so comfortable as well as they can learn easily when they use system.

In the server windows 12 operating system is available and in all other systems windows 7 is available. We have facilities like overhead projector which help the teacher to teach efficiently.The students use computer not only for their academic purpose but also they use then to refer for various competitions.

     The other special thing is that our school teachers also doing computer courses like DTP, DCA after the school time is over. Various educational programs have been installed in the computer.

     Each student is given individual system to improve their practical knowledge.


     Our school chemistry lab area is 1265 sq.ft. It is spacious and there is proper ventilation. We have an adequate apparatuses and instruments and also acids,bases and salts. Sufficient water supply and power and gas supply are always available here. On the basis of safety measures,our school management has provided "safety coat" to the students.30 students can do the experiments at a time. Smart class is available in the chemistry lab. So that the students are doing their experiments excitedly.There is sufficient cupboard to keep all the chemical products and apparatuses.


Location and Hour:

     The physics lab is located in first floor sir C.V.Raman lab scheduled class take for X and XII our lab is totally 1265sq.ft with all modern equipments to teach our students.


     The department of physics focuses in teaching and working in the frontier areas like Theoretical physics,Dielectrics,Spectroscopy,ceramic compounds and magnetic materials,Electronics,Excellence in doing practicals and teaching has been the hallmark of our department.


     The purpose of the physics laboratory is to develop scientific temper,analytical capability among the students and to understand the general scientific concepts required for technology and apply the concepts in solving problem.

     The physics laboratory uses to practice the scientific experiments asking questions,performing procedures,collecting data,analyzing data,answering questions,andthinking of new questions to explore the knowledge in physics students can perform experiments on simple pendulum,spectrometer,potentiometer, Metrebridge,son meter,young'ssearles method,and general electronic experiments.

Current Equipment:

     Sodium vapour lamp,mercury vapour lamp,operational amplifier,son meter,potentiometer,tangent galvanometer,ohm's law apparatus,junction diode,Leo's disc apparatus,cathode ray oscilloscope.IC regulated power supply.