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Mathematics is the key to all sciences. Negligence of mathematics may injure knowledge and one who is ignorant of mathematics can't know other science subjects among the four great sciences mathematics is the mother science.

The theoretical explanative path of mathematics started early in B.C.Since, man's birth on earth, to meet his daily needs, he used mathematics in numbers, magnitude and form. Mathematics originated from these things the number is just we used to count and magnitude defines size and form defines shape.

The word "mathematics" was coined by Pythagoras, a great mathematician which is a Greek term, means "Subject of instruction that one subject which provides way to others?

Over the centuries, mathematics attained lots of evolution. Early Indian mathematics deals with sulpa sundras and siddhanthas which depict or instruct how the religious monuments should be in number, magnitude and form.

In early times there is no modern equipment's for mathematics. But there are evidences such as the use of bones like lebombo bones and Ishango bones as mathematics equipment's. The former used in number concepts and the later used in sequences.

Pythagoras, an eminent mathematician gave a big source to numbers and his doctrine is "all is numbers". Plato, a great mathematician whose academy platonic academy become mathematics Centre of world.

Aristotle, a famous mathematician laid foundations to the concept of logic and also evaluated the value of pi (pi). Eudoxus, significant mathematician is a precursor of our modern integration. The first women mathematician Hypatia belongs to Alexandria in Egypt did many works on mathematics.

Mathematics widely used in all Fields. The Newtonian Physics is a combination of mathematics and physics. Fuzzy, Logic, Number theory have been used in cryptography. Statistics plays a major role in Economics. Thus mathematics is playing a vital role in everyday life.

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